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Within Ógra Fianna Fáil there are four different types of units that can be formed: Ógra Comhairle Dáil Ceantair (CDC), Ógra Comhairle Ceantair (CC), Ógra Third Level Cumann, and Ógra Coiste Áitiúil.

The three governing bodies of Ógra are: the National Youth Conference, Ógra Central Officer Board, and the Ógra National Council.

Ógra Comhairle Dáil Ceantair (Ógra CDC)

The Ógra CDC covers the area of the Dáil constituency as set out by the Constituencies Commission, or in some cases where a constituency crosses a County border; it covers the area of that County. Anyone between the age of 16 and 30 that constituency/County are entitled to become members of the Ógra CDC. The management of the Ógra CDC is done by an officer board which is elected at the Annual General Meeting. Ógra CDC members may also be members of a Third Level Cumann, or an Ógra CC or CA.

Ógra Comhairle Ceantair (Ógra CC)

This type of unit is smaller than an Ógra CDC, it only includes the Ógra members, who are in a particular part of the constituency, most likely a Local Electoral Are (LEA). Ógra CC members may also be members of a Third Level Cumann, and an Ógra CDC.

Ógra Third Level Cumann

Most higher education institutions have an Ógra Fianna Fáil Cumann. These Cumainn generally have similar status to an Ógra CDC. Within the institution, a Cumann is usually regarded as the Ógra Fianna Fáil Society and is therefore subject to the rules and regulations of the college regarding establishment, running and funding of societies. A member of an Ógra Third Level Cumann may also be a member of the Ógra CDC and of the Ógra CC where they are ordinarily resident.

Ógra Coiste Áitiúil

Ógra members in a particular local Area are encouraged to form local units to allow the local members to come together to discuss issues and to organise events to promote Fianna Fáil.  This form of Ógra unit was instigated to support the organisation in places where may not be practical or possible for Ógra members to travel long distances to Ógra CC or CDC meetings, or not possible to establish an Ógra CC.  They don’t have voting or representative rights as Ógra CC’s do. Local units are entitled to elect an officer board if they so wish. Those involved in local units may also be members of an Ógra CDC, an Ógra CC, or an Ógra Third Level Cumann.

Ógra National Youth Conference (NYC)

The National Youth Conference is the supreme decision making body of Ógra. The event itself is the political and social highlight of the Ógra calendar.

The Conference gives the young members of Fianna Fáil a forum to express their views and opinions and develop national policies. Workshops are organised with Ministers/Spokesperson and Oireachtas members present to listen to the views of Ógra members. The Banquet at the end of the Conference is the social highlight of the year and the fun is guaranteed.

The Conference is composed of voting delegates from each registered Ógra CDC and Third Level Cumann. The Annual Youth Conference is Fianna Fáil’s second largest political event after the Ard-Fheis.

Elections are also held for the Central Officer Board.

Ógra Central Officer Board (COB)

The Central Officer Board is responsible for the management of Ógra. It consists of an Úachtarán, Policy & Campaigns Director, Events Director, Membership & Recruitment Director, Regional Organisers, Third Level Organiser, all elected at the NYC, and the National Youth Officer. The Úachtarán appoints various non-voting officers to assist the COB in its duties eg. Press Officer, Secretary, Internal Communications Director and National Council of Ireland Representative.

Ógra National Council (NC)

The National Council provides oversight to the work of the Central Officer Board. In addition to the members of the Central Officer Board, it consists of three delegates from every registered Ógra CDC and Third Level Cumann. Members of the Central Officer Board are required to report to and take questions from the National Council. It has the power to remove members of the COB on a qualified majority basis and overturn decisions by the COB. The National Council is run by a Cathaoirleach and a Secretary elected at an AGM.

The National Council has various Standing Committees: Regional SC’s, Third Level SC and National Policy & Campaigns SC.


The rules governing Ógra Fianna Fáil are set out in the National Youth Scheme.


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